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“The point being here that each dietary intervention, on this basis, is personalised; dependent on specific tailored food-IgG test results; providing a unique targeted approach.” – Dr. Gill Hart

Axes Pharma believes that innovative healthcare can change lives and it doesn’t take away precious hours from your HR department. We will elaborate on this soon.

Blue Logic Food Intolerance Pilot Study; One Month Summary 


Food-specific IgG-guided elimination diets are used by those who consider that food may be contributing to symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain (or loss), joint pains, bloating, IBS, headaches/migraines, skin problems and low mood. This pilot study was carried out to find out whether dietary changes based on food-specific IgG results (from YorkTest, www.yorktest.com) could benefit the health and wellness of those in a corporate setting, over a three month period.

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